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Knee Pains

I see knee pains quite often. How do I treat?

First I don't look at the knees. I'll request removal of both shoes and socks and, without looking at my hands, go over each toes and both ankles. I'll feel each toe's joints, toe-to-toe spacing, all toes' tension, symmetry between two feet, flexibility of both ankles, angle of both ankles, etc. Then I'll go over all muscles along the calves, around both knees. I'll proceed with hips, spines, shoulders, and neck, too!

Knee pains are NEVER isolated symptoms. Knees are strong in comparison to most joints. There's got to be reasons why knees wear enough to feel pain. Without figuring out the underlying causes, treating knee pains by themselves will be temporary at best.

At Mindfully Centered, your knee pains will most likely lead to discovery of how your body functions. Our goal is to correct any physical issue and poor habits to truly heal knee pains.

Love Peace Harmony

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