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Loving Kindness & Purpose​


One alarming issue in our current world is the sense of loneliness, and lack of life directions.  We feel lonely, no matter how much we are surrounded.  We work hard but wander aimlessly.  We are anxious and confused!

Life can be so much better!

The moment we mindfully connect to Loving Kindness through a sense of Purpose, we are no longer alone nor directionless.  Our Channels start to align us with the Universe.  We'll be more upright, upbeat, and live with curious Joy!

Why?  Because Loving Kindness is unconditional Love -- spaceless and timeless.  It provides the ultimate sense that we are loved and loving, no matter our condition.  Through Loving Kindness we may connect to anyone past, future, present.  Thus we can be so alone and never feel lonely!

We don't need to know what our Purposes are.  In fact, there's no way nor reason for us to know.  We just need to have this unwavering sense that we have a Purpose.  The combination of Loving Kindness (we are not alone) and Purpose (I'm useful) affords us to live a life full of curious joy -- not because our lives will only be smooth with no challenge, but every challenge may be the stepping stone to reaching our ultimate Purpose!  

To connect to Loving Kindness and our Purpose, simply have a mindful intention -- every time we look up at the sky and walk through a door.  It'd soon become a habit for us to live in the mindful present consitently!


Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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