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The following are 3 practices to ensure our Channels are running optimally to energize our Mid-Brain to fully integrate our Healing Beliefs and Principles.

  1.  Elevate our Perineum ever so slightly to be present in our body.  I Have A Purpose/I Am Valuable in our Heart to activate its senses and power.  From our 3rd Eye, connect to Loving Kindness.  This can be done throughout the day at any place, whenever we're mindful.

  2. From Loving Kindness, connect to our parents' Heart of Gold.  One at a time, from our heart, through our chest/throat, sound out "Mom/Dad, I love your unconditionally!".  Do this while we drive, wait, or walk.  Again, no more time is needed.

  3. Stand/Walk/Sit Mindfully.  Mindful of the 3 points underneath each foot.  Feel the evenness of our body weight on all 6 points when we stand.  Feel how the points shifted when we walk.  Feel the evenness of our sit bones when we sit, and how our spine's aligned and shoulder relaxed.  Feel, feel, feel!  Again, seek opportunities to feel, not take any more time!

These are simple practices.  We FIRMLY believe only the most simple, no extra time/space requirement, no more excuse practices are effective!  Please do give them a try -- so they eventually become an integral part of us!


08-23-2022 with Love

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