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Depression is a power-less state in which nothing one does seems to matter anymore.

In extreme cases, there'd be thought or acts of suicide.  In less extreme cases, a person is still highly functional.  For example, a mom still gets everything done around the house and at work, but there's no joy anymore.  Everything is done in a has-to-do, must-do, no-choice-but-do mindset.  One gradually becomes a pure victim -- no power, no purpose, no future!

A victim has no power but righteous anger.  Quite often a depressed person is super nice until a breaking point, then outburst even violence might ensue.  

At Mindfully Centered, we treat depression from all angles.  First we'd resolve any known or unknown physical pains like a chronic back pain and a twisted ankle 20 years ago.  Then we look at any anger/fear emotional imbalances.  There's almost for sure a lot of Sympathy (judgement) in depression.  Finally we aim to instill power from inside to restore a sense of Purpose and connection to Loving Kindness.  

Postpartum depression can be caused by a combination of birth trauma, lack of emotional support, C-section scar, pain medication, huge swing of hormones, and existing physical/emotional/perspective conditions.   

We've been quite successful in treating depression -- mainly because we focus on real actions instead of positive thinking.

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 11/26/2019

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