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Emotions have profound and immediate impact on our Channels.  Why?

Emotions are meant to Enable Motions -- so we can stay safe and thrive.  Contrary to what we are taught, there's no positive nor negative emotions.  All emotions have their own purposes, just like all of us have our own unique Purpose in the universe.

Let's take anger and fear as examples.  Anger is to maintain ours and others boundary.  Fear is to be alert of potential danger.  Together, Anger and Fear support the foundation for us to survive and thrive in every living moment.  They are our most loyal servants, and are always on!

A health dose of anger and fear is critical to driving.  When we maintain our lane (boundary), and the next car comes in a bit, we change dynamically and automatically to restore safe distance.  That's the proper function of anger and fear.  Fear enables the detection, and anger actives the restoration of boundary.  A person who has healthy boundary will continue to drive, once the boundary is restored, safely home.  A person with poor boundary, on the other hand, might start to bark and drive aggressively at the other drive, thus endangers himself and others.  

MCA respects and honors all emotions.  The goal is to restore emotions to their healthy states, and to faciliate the flow of any trapped emotions.  Our approach has been quite helpful to PTSD, anxiety, panic attack, and depression patients.

Emotions are just messages to our brain and heart.  We are so conditioned to reject certain emotions, thus the messages get louder and seemingly out of control.  When acknowledge our messengers with gratitude, we can choose how to act instead of just react, and we can be dynamic and productive with all our healthy emotional allies!

Emotions are like the most loyal watch dogs.  Instead of kicking them every time they bark to alert us, honor and receive the bark and choose to act accordingly.  It might be a robber at the door that we need to call 911, or just uncle Bob next door who picked up our mails yesterday.  Let's fully allow our emotions to do their job, and maintain our job as the Master of our emotions!

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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