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At Mindfully Centered, we view the restoration of the following beliefs as True Healing:

1. Unconditional Love is ever present, reachable, feelable!

2. Everyone has a Heart of Gold -- no matter the behavior or experience

3. I Have A Purpose/I Am Valuable at all times, during all conditions!

4. I Have A Choice at all times, during all conditions!

Trauma, culture, education often change our Belief System to be more fear-based.  Like love is conditional based on my effort or behavior.  People with bad behaviors are bad people.  Or when I experience trauma, my heart is broken.  My worthiness, value, or purpose is dependent on others' confirmation, societal expectations, or self criticism.  Finally the depressing sense of little to no choice in life, further moves us further from being empowered, healed, and free.

Mindfully Centered exists to serve Healers -- people who are seeking Healing.  We provide no technique to control, suppress, forgive, or forget, just empowering Beliefs and Principles to fully restore ourselves from deep within!

Please consider adopting these Beliefs for a few weeks -- write them down in your notebooks, reflect on them, use them, feel them, and see how they can fundamentally change your life!

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