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Once we start cultivate our healing Beliefs/Principles/Practices, we have a direction, we know where we are heading.  It's like we know for sure we are flying to London!

Life doesn't change once we set a direction.  Life only changes because we've determined to transform.  The transformation process is best progressed based on a Feedback System.  It's like constant adjustment due to weather/wind/etc. on our flight to London.

The Feedback System starts once something happens due to kids, spouse, boss, weather, trauma, etc.  Instead of habitual responses as if we are playing the same old script, we reflect on our Beliefs and Principles.  We all have many things that trigger us during each and every day.  Or we can imagine Jesus on the Cross, and the Beliefs/Principles/Acts he used and performed.  Consider when he continued to love unconditionally all his disciples and Roman soldiers, what was his Beliefs?  And with his Beliefs, could he ever be hurt?  

When we become more and more proficient at our Feedback System, our response time to any trigger becomes shorter and shorter.  We may or may not get there, but indeed we'll be on our way to being the most loving and kind version that we can be!

John with Love

8-23-2022 in Mountain View

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