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Sympathy-Free / Listening

Mindfully Centered is a Sympathy-Free clinic.  Why?

Sympathy is a form of judgement -- something that, as your doctor, shall never do.  When one sympathize with another, there's a sense of injustice and victimization which are powerless states.  Mindfully Centered is all about empowering.  Thus we provide a Sympathy-Free environment for optimal personal power recovery and healing!

At Mindfully Centered, all practitioners strive to live a Sympathy-Free life.  We don't just practice Sympathy-Free when we treat.  Why?  Why does it matter to you?

Without judgement, there's no preconception.  The practitioners will be able to follow, to listen with their ears, eyes, and hands, to what the patient needs, on a moment-to-moment basis.  Without judgement, there's no blame, no victim, no right, no wrong, no forgive, nor forget.  Thus power can be restored, emotions to flow, true healing begins to take place for our patients.

Sympathy-Free is what sets Mindfully Centered apart from all other clinics.  As practitioners, we practice sympathy-free, compassion-full in every aspect of our lives.  We believe this is the best way for mutual healing to take place, and for all of us to share a beautiful healing journey together!

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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