MCA is a framework of simple but profound connection to Loving Kindness. Under this framework, one lives with progressively deeper connection to Loving Kindness, and a unwavering sense of Purpose! This combination establish one’s meaningful position in the Universe -- a position that’s never alone, always empowering!

It’s easy to state the principle of MCA, but difficult to explain its impact. It’s like the concept of gravity -- so simple yet so pervasive! MCA’s simplicity allows anyone to get started and, with practice, be enlightened in a continuous loop of spiraling up!

It is this seeker’s mission to promote and solidify MCA as fully as possible. Please join me as practitioners, patients, and Seekers!

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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A Seeker's Mission

Mindfully Centered is founded to promote Mindfully Centered Approach (MCA). MCA is the cumulation of a lifetime’s curious seeking.

MCA is Channel-based, and strives to restore healthy Channel flows by addressing Perspective, Emotional, and Physical imbalances. MCA has no protocol, no specific technique, no preconception. Instead, MCA allows a practitioner to listen and follow patients’ individual needs, and to empower patients’ own healing energy. This is how medicine should be in the first place, especially Chinese Medicine!