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Migraines are severe forms of headache.  They normally start and stay on one side, may have eye pressure and/or pains, and may have sensitivity to sound and light.  Migraines are no joke and should be addressed and healed properly!

Some of the root causes of migraines:

  • Childhood trauma, accident (fall) to one side of the head

  • Stepping on nail or sharp objects

  • Injury, trauma, cut or burn to one side of the body

  • Neck injury

  • Emotional (anger/fear) and Perspective (injustice everywhere)

  • Injury, trauma (broken bone), surgery of ankle or knee. 

Migraines can be greatly reduced and healed over time.  At Mindfully Centered, we've uncovered many hidden causes of migraines to alleviate the symptoms at the root level.

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 11/26/2019

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