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My Daughter & I​


MCA is to be used on any daily event.  When mindfully practiced daily, we gradually become more and more genuine.  No longer do we play certain role based on certain label.  We'll be able to consistently live a principle-driven life that is suitable for all life events!

I'd like to present two personal stories of how MCA can be put in action, and have transforming results.  One is from my youngest daughter who was 14 at the time.  The other is from myself of how MCA is developed.

Emily volunteered in her middle school's special need classes.  She'd come home saddened and crying, and feel incredible sympathy and injustice for the kids.  She'd feel so bad for the kids because the teachers weren't patient enough.  The 3rd night we talked until 2am in the morning going over the Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion.  Emily felt enlightened that night, and was able to put MCA to use the very next day, and for the next entire two semesters.  She was able to mindfully connect to Loving Kindness, and stay away from Sympathy.  She was able to be her joyful and loving self, while seeing all the unique attributes from every special need students.  She knew all their name and personality by heart, and developed joyful bounds.


With Sympathy, Emily was miserable and of no help to anyone.  Without Sympathy and with mindful Compassion, Emily was able to see beyond the limitations of the special need kids, and find ways to empower both herself and the kids.  She was able to maintain her inner Light while brightening others' lives!

MCA was developed because of my own need to heal.  Due to life events, my two younger children did not talk to or want to interact with me for two years.  Those were the hardest years of my life.  I was very depressed and resorted to drinking and other mind numbing things.  I was also angry at times, and hateful at others. I felt I had done everything I could, and didn't deserve any of it!

One day it dawned on me that I'd never truly loved anyone in my life before.  I'd never truly loved my parents, my wife, my kids, myself!  Why?  Had I truly loved my kids unconditionally, when would I feel miserable because they didn't love me back?  

This realization gave me a lot of power.  No longer was "there's nothing I could do", nor "I'd done everything I could"!  I started to mindfully love without condition.  It wasn't easy but I stuck with it.  For the love of my family, I needed to be a better person.

Took me about 6 months for my kids to notice my inner change, and another 6 months to fully trust me again.  Today the depth of relationships are deeper and stronger than ever.  And we all are so grateful for that trying two years -- that challenge was truly needed for our collective Purpose!

Today it's my mission to share MCA as far and as wide as I can.  Thank you so much for reading this far.  MCA is not my invention, nothing in it is any new concept.  The key is to use it mindfully in daily actions, and MCA as a principle will bring Love, Peace and Harmony!

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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