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At Mindfully Centered, we are quite experienced in treating anxiety.

Anxiety, from a Channel standpoint, has some very distinct characteristics: 1. the Stomach Channel does not go down to the 2nd/3rd toes, 2. the Gall Bladder Channel does not go down to the 5th toes, and 3. the Liver Channel does not flow past the chest into the Lung Channel.

From a symptom standpoint, the patient may experience heart palpitation, shortness of breath, loss or excessive appetite, sensation of depression on the chest, insomnia, hyper vigilance, etc.  All these symptoms correspond well to the Channel flow described above.

For treatment, we look for 3 things: physical, emotional, and perspective.  Physically we examine if there's any scars, displaced bones (especially ankles), head trauma, locked shoulders, etc.  Emotionally we ask detailed questions regarding upbringing, abuse, etc.  Perspectively we'd like to know if the patient feels the world is safe.  Only then would we attempt treatments.  We don't use any protocol and give anyone with anxiety the same acupuncture and herb treatments.

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 11/26/2019

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