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Pricing ($0-$90/$375)

We do not accept Insurances.  What?  Why?

I took a class and the teacher taught us that there's good insurance and bad insurance.  We are to accept patients with good insurances, and reject the ones with the bad ones.  I don't agree with this teaching at all.  At Mindfully Centered, we treat patients without the influence of how well their insurances can pay us!

At Mindfully Centered, we don't treat nor heal anyone.  Because True Healing comes from within.  Thus we pride ourselves in providing an environment and a set of beliefs/principles for our patients to make lifestyle changes.  Such lifestyle changes are inline with Mindfully Centered Approach which will result in optimal healing.

When a patient is working with us to heal, each ~90-minute session is $0-$90..  When a patient is unwilling or feel unable to change habitual thought and lifestyle patterns, each ~90-minute session is $375.  All illness has roots in thought and lifestyle patterns.  When a patient is resolving root issues, each session is a mutual healing session.  Otherwise, even though there are often immediate improvement of symptoms, but they are quite short-lived.  

I vow to serve people with trauma.  Anyone's healing is so critical to me.  It's so inspiring and never old to be part of another person's healing journey.  Thus the difference in pricing.  I sincerely wish no one pays me $375!

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 8/23/2022

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