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Channels are the foundation of Chinese medicine.  Though can't be seen, Channels can be felt.  They are not magical nor mysterious.  Channels support every aspect of our lives -- from birth, growth, to death!

There are 4 Channel modes for discussion purpose: sympathetic, parasympathetic, sleep, pause/dissociation.  In actuality, we are supported by a mixture of Channel modes at any moment.

Sympathetic mode is when we need to stay away from danger (fight/flight).  This is a critical mode for our survival.

Parasympathetic is when we feel safe, and can rest and heal.  This is the healing mode, and the restoration of parasympathetic mode is the goal of MCA treatments.

Sleep is when the cyclic redistribution of Channel Qi allows us to fall asleep and wake up naturally.

Pause is when we are in imminent danger and life is hanging on a thread.  Pause allows us to cling to life. 

All 4 modes are critical for to sustain us.  Problems arise when we get stuck in certain Channel modes.  For example, persistent Sympathetic mode creates hypervigilance which is the root cause of PTSD.

For detailed information, please tap into Dr. Janice Hadlock's lifelong works -- "Tracking the Dragon", and her other publications. 

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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