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Your MCA Sessions

At every MCA session, your Channel flow guides all the diagnosis and treatments.  We do pay attention to your signs and symptoms, but they only serve as considerations.

For example, we learned in school about acupuncture points and herb suitable for high blood pressure.  But we shall never apply these protocol treatments the moment we hear high blood pressure.

Instead, we'll scan (with our hands) your Channels, feel (again with our hands) your skin/joint/muscle tensions, ask questions which may seem totally unrelated, locate some pain points you may be unaware of, and keep seeking until we have Clarity and a sense of direction.  Then we apply treatments which may involve Tui Na, needles, cupping, tuning fork, etc.  We maintain the same diligence during the treatment.  Upon applying the treatment, we again scan your Channels to ensure the treatment meets our intention.  If not, we go back seeking again!

When we say your Channels are our guide, we truly mean it.  

One example of this approach is a high blood pressure condition for an Acupuncturist.  It turns out the Gallbladder channel was blocked due to a childhood bike accident.  Cases like this abound in our clinic -- not because we have decades of experience, but our approach covers far more grounds!

We look forward to serving you with MCA!

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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