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Shoulder and Neck Pains

Shoulder and Neck Pains are so prevalent, they are present in 90%+ of any event that we participated.  Why?

Modern lifestyle is the easy scapegoat, but it's truly our lack of awareness of our body that causes such pains.

Here's a list of possible causes:

  • Trauma or accident.

  • Emotional (sad or fear) and Perspective (life is not safe) which cause chest tightness, turn shoulders forwards, and result in chronic shoulder and neck tightness.

  • Finger, wrist, elbow, or shoulder injures.

  • Wearing of valuables around the wrists like a jade bracelet or an expensive watch.  This is likely to tighten the shoulder constantly for decades.

  • Repetitive and improper usage of the shoulder(s).  For example, playing violin, oboe, guitar, tennis, laying bricks, paining art pieces, swimming, baseball, football, etc.

  • Imbalance in weight training.  For example, good pec muscle but way too tight and short, which causes excessive shoulder/neck tension.

  • a deviated tailbone.

At Mindfully Centered, we take the time to identify the potential causes, reduce pains, and custom recommend exercises and postural adjustment to ensure the complete healing of shoulder and neck pains.

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 11/26/2019

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