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Based on the Beliefs, Principles naturally arise.  Below are some of the them for your consideration.

1. Everything I do or not do, is 100% my choice and for myself.  This is the key to reduce stress due to habitual sense of doing things for others, and to restore our boundary and empowerment.

2. Sympathy-Free.  When we sympathize, we see others as victims.  Victims have no power.  No power, no healing!  With the Belief of all of hearts are ever golden, we have Purpose in any condition, etc., it becomes natural for us not to sympathize, but find ways to empower!

3. Do What's Most Empowering At NOW.  Not what's "right" which is based on our perspective, labels (mom/dad), or learned rules.  Unconditional Love connection allows us to live more fully in the moment.  

We do have more Principles derived from Beliefs and established based on resolving real life issues.  Please give the 3 above a try, and develop/refine your own set of Principles.  A Belief/Principle-driven life is so free and rewarding -- it's really worthy of your effort to live it!

John with Love


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