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Frequently Asked Questions​

Q. What is Channel-Based Scar Treatment?  Why is it different that other treatments?

A.  The goal for Channel-Based Scar Treatment is to restore the natural flow of our energy Channels.  Other treatments tend to focus on the scar itself.  

Q. What are Channels?

A.  There are 14 main Channels for all human beings.  Channels, though used heavily, are not invention of Chinese Medicine.  Channels are like gravity which exists way before it was "discovered".  Our Channels are electrical and carry signals (or Qi) to affect all functions of our every movement and thought.

Q. How can I learn more about Channels?

A.  Please read "Tracking the Dragon" by Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock.

Q. How can Channels be affected by scars?

A.  Channels are electrical, thus they flow where there's least resistance.  Scars tissues are higher resistance and thus alter the proper Channels flow.

Q. But my surgery was done 30 years ago and healed.  Does it still matter?

A.  The alteration of Channels due to scar, when given enough time, results in significant issues.  Thus the question is not when the surgery occurred, but whether the surgery is still blocking Channels.

Q. Can you give some example of old scar's potential link to current illness?

A.  An 60-year-old bicycle accident scar (ankle trapped in spokes) potentially caused kidney/bladder issue for decades.  A pair of knee surgery scars 50 years ago which might have caused melanoma at the sole of left foot.  A 35-year-old gallbladder removal scar which might have caused COPD for years.

Q. What types of scars don't you treat?

A.  We don't treat scars that are still healing.  Scars inside mouth, nose, and other body cavities.  We also don't treat episiotomy, though we do advise on its care.

Q. What types of scars do you treat?

A.  Excessive vaccine scars, burns, laceration scars, c-section, mastectomy, knee/hip replacement, abdominal surgeries, gallbladder removal, hernia surgery, head trauma scars, animal bites, bicycle accidents (especial when quite young), etc.

Q. How many sessions are needed for scar treatments?

A.  It's not possible to give a set number of sessions.  In general it's 3.  First session is to locate all scars and needle if appropriate.  The 2nd session is to follow up, and needle/treat further if needed.  The 3rd session is to ensure the patient is fully empowered to continue the healthy flow of her/his Channels.

Q. What can I expect after scar treatment?

A.  Results may vary due to the cumulative effects of Channels alteration.  In general, the greater the cumulative effect, the greater the change once Channels are restored.  

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu  8/6/2019

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