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MCA (Mindfully Centered Approach)​


MCA is collection of simple concepts.  Like perfectly fit jigsaw puzzle pieces, together they make a beautiful picture for living a principle-driven life -- for cultivating, for healing, and for treating.

The core of MCA is the 14 regular energy Channels that we all have.  When healthy, Channels are dynamic at all times, and flow appropriately so we live optimally.  When Channels are not flowing well, imbalances ensue which cause diseases.  Factors affecting Channels are physical, emotional, and/or perspective issues.

Physical issues include surgery, trauma, inactivity, posture, scars, etc.

Emotional issues include loss of loved ones, sense of betrayal, depression, anxiety, etc.

Perspective issues include excessive sympathy towards others and self, excessive empathy which mirrors others' energy Channel flows, and lack of compassion (Loving Kindness) for others and self.

At Mindfully Centered, we live and breathe MCA and use it in treatments.  The goal is to restore energy Channels to their optimal states, and thus empower the body for proper healing.  Healing always comes from within.  MCA guides the practitioners in treating patients, and patients in healing issues that are physical, emotional, or perspective.

For detailed presentation on MCA, please come to our seminars, or view our online videos.


Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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