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We do not accept Insurances.  What?  Why?

I took a class and the teacher taught us that there's good insurance and bad insurance.  We are to accept patients with good insurances, and reject the ones with the bad ones.  I don't agree with this teaching at all.  At Mindfully Centered, we treat patients without the influence of how well their insurances can pay us!

All our pricing can be scaled up or down based on your financial condition.  To us, any healing is critical and priceless.  Currently we have the following services/pricing:

  1.  Free Clinic.  Donation is accepted but not needed.  Each session is about an hour with up to 4 other patients.

  2.  Private/Physical Healing.  This is priced at $375 for one 90-min session.  Mainly physical issues are resolved with minimum emotional and trauma work.

  3. Online Healing  This is priced at $375 for one 90-min phone call or zoom meeting.  

  4. Mindfully Centered Healing.  This is mainly for trauma recovery with mainly emotional healing and minimum physical healing.

Our goal is to serve, and we trust our patients to commit to their healing and support out clinic.  No longer are we influenced by insurance coverage, we can truly and simply focus on the caring of our patients.  Superbill will be issued in case you'd like to be reimbursed by insurance.

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 5/7/2019

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