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Knowing MCA and experiencing MCA in the clinic are nice, but integrating MCA into our mindset and lifestyle is the real goal of our clinic.

In this section MCA in Life, we give cultivation recommendations.  We ask you NOT to find time cultivating, but find opportunities integrating.  This is important.  None of us needs any more time consuming tasks!

In order to smoothly change our lifestyle, it's critical to not just change what we do, but the fundamental beliefs and principles behind everything that we do.  Only then will we have no conflict within ourselves.  For example, it's impossible to be calm when we don't believe anyone is trustworthy!

In this section, we talk about Beliefs and Principles, Integrating Practices that require no additional time, the Feedback System for us to move continuously forward, and the immediate and long-lasting sense that we are a Lighthouse!


08-23-2022 with Love

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