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Knee Pain

Knee pain could be caused by many factors:

  • Injury or accident.  

  • chronic wear and tear due to poor posture (eg. sloped shoulders and forward head)

  • chronic wear and tear due to ankle/foot injuries (eg. sprained ankle or injured big toe)

  • Muscle tightness and tension around the knee joints.

  • Improper walking and standing posture.

  • Imbalance between adductor (IT Band) and abductor (inner thigh) muscles

  • Arthritis or Auto Immune inflammation.

At Mindfully Centered, we truly take the time to figure out why.  We don't just address the knee pain but strive to identify the earliest possible cause.  Knee joints are strong and often takes decades to show symptoms.  It's important to reverse bad habits and build better new ones for full recovery. 


Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 11/26/2019

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