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Healing is what Mindfully Centered clinic is ALL about.  Healing is our top priority, everything else is secondary -- including being conservative to not get sued, making money through "good" insurance, even addressing patients' symptoms.  By focusing majority of our energy on healing, Mindfully Centered strives to provide a unique and urgently needed service in the current medical field.

What does Healing Mean?

Mindfully Centered defines Healing as follows:

  • True Healing is the restoration of one's ability to love unconditionally and trust fully.  

  • True Healing is obscured or blocked by our past experiences -- abuse, trauma, illness, etc.

  • When blockages to trust and love fully are strong, they could be the root cause of many illnesses -- cancer, chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, PTSD, immune issues, etc.

  • True Healing empowers a person to fully embrace NOW, and live life to the max.  In doing so, a person lives and acts in Peace and Harmony, and may have profound impact on one's friends and loved ones.

  • Healing is an inside job.  True Healing can only come from within.  

  • Healing is simple, but may not be easy.  The hard part is one's ability to let go of past judgments.  

  • With True Healing, Peace and Harmony are maintained throughout life to the final breath.  It is our birthright and is essential for a better world.

When Healing is the connection to Loving Kindness, a healing session may take place as late as the final breath.  This is very natural in our clinic as we focus is never just on the removal of signs and symptoms of pain and/or illness.

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 6/20/2020

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