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Back & Sciatica Pains

Back pain is no joke.  It affects EVERYTHING that we do!  

Back pain has so many possible causes.  Below is a partial list.

  • trauma or accident

  • out of alignment tailbone

  • tilted pelvis

  • chronic shoulder/neck forward leaning

  • hard labor

  • prolonged sitting with tight psoas muscles

  • habitual twisting to one side due to improper standing and/or sitting

  • unequal length of legs

  • postural compensation due to feet/ankle/knee/leg injures


Please make sure your pain is properly diagnosed prior to ANY treatment.  It's important back pains are HEALED rather than masked and adapted with compensation.

At Mindfully Centered, we take the time and our hands (rather than just needles) to diagnose and resolve back and sciatica pains.  Often we uncover decades of poor habits, reduce immediate pain, and empower our patients to build new habits.  Again, the goal is long-term healing of back issues rather than making it go away.

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 11/26/2019

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