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Treated two patients today for various anxiety issues. Both had long histories of injures, surgeries, and abuse.

None of them complained about having TMJ, but they both did.

One's TMJ was most likely caused by a childhood fall which left her chin with a scar. The other was a blunt trauma to her face playing flag football in elementary schools. Both chins were deviated a bit. Coincidentally both TMJs were on the right side.

I used two Q-tips (paper ones are better than plastic ones) dabbed in massage oil to locate pain spots on the face. I did it along the cheek, around the jaw line, down the ST channel, and up the UB/GB channels. Both had noticeably sharper pains on the right side.

I then loosened up the neck, worked on the SCM, gently tui na'ed and stretched the TMJ, stoke down the jaws to traction them, and very mildly moved the chin to the right. I did that a few times, and got the TMJ pains far reduced.

Their faces, neck, shoulders, etc. were far more relaxed. Channels, especially ST, ran much smoother!

TMJ is definitely a serious baseline stress that needs attention!

Q-tips are amazing for TMJ, sinus, eye issues, and migraine diag and treatment. Highly recommended! 📷:)

Love Peace Harmony

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