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From Shitty to Pretty

Channels work focuses on restoring a person from stuck (or blocked) Sympathetic or Pause mode back to ParaSympathetic again. For example, from stuck UB to knee divergence to KD in fight and flight, or ST counterflow in Pause (life & death), back to normal again.

Our Hearts always want to heal without judgement. However, our brain (or Ego) wants no pain. Thus for chronic fight/flight or Pause patients, the brain would have a cow once healing is underway. Why?

Let's say a child is abused since birth. The default mode is fight and flight with hyper vigilance -- the world is not safe. Or a soldier got hurt and came back from battlefield in Pause -- the world is not safe enough to come back to life fully. In both cases, there's an agreement between Heart and Brain to run Channels in modes of pure survival, and Brain(Ego) takes control of the operation. This is quite evident in excessive GB blockages for the left/right brains to persistently doing risk assessment, and REN/LV stagnation.

So once Channels work starts resolving visible and invisible scars, and REN/LV/GB are back to normal, Brain(Ego) is panicking. Brain always wants to maintain the status quo. Thus Brain would up all the stress hormones, retake excessive GB, raise pain, and sound a full body alarm. It's essentially fulfilling its duty by screaming at the Heart "What the f*^$ are you doing? Don't you know Life is not safe?"

So one'd feel so shitty a few days or a week after feeling so good with restored Channels. This is very normal. 📷:)

Allow Heart to lovingly reassure Brain, in peace watch all the withdrawal symptoms pop like bubbles from mud.

Then one'd feel so pretty!

Love Peace Harmony

p.s. This post is inspired by a quote from a recent treatment, "It takes two dings to turn shitty into pretty". The two dings are my tuning forks on GB41s.📷:)

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