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Purpose and Gratitude

When we suffer, we are lacking Purpose and Gratitude. We'd struggle, get further into fight and flight (sympathetic mode), deepen our sense of injustice (sympathy), and continue our vicious cycle of suffering.

To get out of the spiraling cycle, we'd need to be more sympathy free. In order to do that, we'd need to strengthen our sense of Purpose and connection to Loving Kindness.

Once they are strong, we start to see all our past sufferings differently. No longer are they simply bad, evil, unfair, helpless, but potential gifts wrapped in thorns. Haven't we all cried out in the dark of the night, "Show me the Light!". Pain and suffering fuel our desires to be free, empowered, closer to the Truth!

So when a rape or PTSD patient feel the connection to Loving Kindness, there's profound Gratitude -- no matter how hurtful the experience, one just needs to go home to the embrace of Unconditional Love!

Then the sense of Purpose will be elevated. For none of us suffer alone! When one is connected and healed, she becomes the keeper of the Light for the sharing of countless others!

May we all find Gratitude via Loving Kindness!

Love Peace Harmony

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