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Kindest Possible Explanation

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

If we expand our view of time and space, trust that the Universe is Kind in nature, believe Cause-Effect is the very foundation of all phenomenon, then everything that's ever happened to us, may have a Kindest Possible Explanation.

Let's say a man with one deaf ear, and keen hearing on the other. It could be he was holding his feverish child, crying out to the Universe to take him instead, during an era where acquired deafness was common. His child recovered, he was alright, and am just now has his prayer answered!

Or a young woman who's been abused all her life, but is never out of touch with her Kindness. It could be she witnessed so much abusive sufferings, vowed to heal them all, and only came to experience abuse fully so she could rise, heal herself, and heal others!

In either case, the reality has already happened. One can be filled with resentment and despair to further the vicious cycle, or a genuine sense of Gratitude to fulfill his/her Purpose in this life!

This is neither positive thinking, nor wishful fantasy. It's the Kindest Possible Explanation and, more often than not, our intuition is spot on!

Love Peace Harmony

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