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Free Loving Kindness Clinic
Channel-Based Scar/PTSD Treatment​
Location: 1885 Lundy Ave, #220, San Jose, CA 95131

If you have taken Anti-Parkinson or any dopamine-enhancing medication, we will NOT be able to treat you. 

Please note the max number of visits is 6 so that we can serve others.  If additional treatments are needed, please book private sessions with qualified, Channel-based, practitioners.

Please attend a free Loving Kindness Workshop to fully understand our treatment principles and healing lifestyle!

At Mindfully Centered, we've had great success treating surgery scars, and are ready to share our success with both the patients and the practitioners.

We are committed to providing free Channel-Based Scar Treatment as follows:

  1. Every Tuesday morning from 9am to 12pm

  2. Book up to 10 patients per Tuesday's free clinic

  3. Invite up to 4 LACs and 2 practitioners on every free clinic

  4. Each patient session is about 1 hour

Channel-Based Scar Treatment is based on Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock's book "Tracking the Dragon".  We all have 14 regular Channels which are electrical in nature.  Scar tissues create far more resistance which causes the Channels to flow incorrectly.  The aberrant Channel flow, over time, may create significant health issues.  

For example, we've treated a patient with melanoma at the sole of his foot, the most deadly form of skin cancer.  He had surgery scars on both medial sides of the knees 60 years ago.  Another patient who had a recent kidney failure had a talus scar 30 years ago.  We certainly can't prove that the scars were the causes of their illnesses.  However, both scars were on the path of kidney Channels -- channels which go to both the bottom of the feet and the kidneys.

Our Scar Treatment strives to resolve health issue potentially caused by scars.  Below is a list of scars and their possible symptoms.

  • Knee replacement: digestion and sleep issues, leg/calf/ankle edema, neck/shoulder/back/knee pain, anger.

  • Ankle injuries: may be due to bone surgery or bicycle accidents.  May result in kidney issue, anxiety, anger/depression, digestion issues, neck pain, shortness of breath, sleep issues, lack of energy.

  • C-Section: shortness of breath or difficult breathing, lack of genuine emotions, depression, digestion issues, blood issues, lack of energy

  • Spinal scars: body stiffness, neck pain, insomnia, forgetful or foggy, anger, depression, fear, etc.

  • Major surgeries like Mastectomy, Heart surgery, Gall Bladder removal, etc.: difficulty breathing, lack of energy, immobility, etc.

  • Others like dog bites, burns, major cuts, etc.: various symptoms of general unwellness.

Moments after treatments of chronic scars, the patients normally experienced a rush of energy flow and the sensation that "I'm alright again".  Short-term scar treatment may not be felt as distinct, but we feel it's important for all scars to be treated within 6 months of full physical recovery.

For PTSD, Lovking Kindness Clinic has a 4-prong approach.  They are all inter-related and may be executed in no particular order.

  1. Physical.  Scars, concussions, animal bites, burns, broken bones, poor posture, unhealthy diets, etc. all have adverse effects on our Channels.  Physical blockages in specific areas may have far significance related to PTSD/Addiction.  For example a scar in between eyebrows, on either side of the forehead, or broken ankles.

  2. Emotional.  Past unresolved emotional trauma often cause hearts to shut down and isolate us.  We have Channel-Based techniques which release trapped PAST emotions to NOW.

  3. Perspective.  A simple perspective "The world is not safe anywhere, anytime" promotes hyper vigilance and other fear-driven behaviors.  Or a sense of constant injustice which makes us feel like total victims.  Victims have no power and, without power, there's no healing.  All these affect how the Channels flow and causes problems.  It's important to restore a set of healthy perspectives to live in better peace and harmony.

  4. Sense of Purpose and connection to Loving Kindness.  Without a sense of Purpose, there's very little internal power.  We don't need to know what our Purpose is, we just need to know we have it.  Thus anything ever happened to us may have a Purpose.  This is critical for us to transform unresolved past trauma/suffering into experience plus wisdom!  Then we can restore our connection to Loving Kindness which represents Unconditional Love.  This is the ultimate healing as the Heart is again alive and active.  During the treatment, when the time is right, you'll be guided to connect Heart-to-Heart via Loving Kindness with your parents.  This again is critical as we can't love ourselves until we love where we came from!

Certain aspects of the above might seem difficult to you.  However, it's your commitment to live a better life that's most important.  The brain (Ego) will try everything to maintain the status quo, but chances are you are at a different place and time in which habitual thoughts and behaviors no longer serve you.  At the Loving Kindness Clinic, we don't provide treatment.  We provide a safe, judgement-free environment for you to heal from within.  YOU are the only person who can make a choice to heal, and your healing is so important!

Please book your own free Loving Kindness Clinic, or share this information with your friends and loved one.

Love Peace Harmony

-- John Chu 7/25/2019

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