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Wounded Healer No More

I was so inspired by Wounded Healers at one point -- it just seemed so noble to me!

Until I got up close with the Wounded Healers, and realized how cruel it actually was!

Why Healers are wounded in the first place? Hack, why are there even Healers? And how can Healers be wounded no more?

Below are my attempt to answer the above questions. There's no basis for my view but my own observation.

Healers are wounded due to the combination of Empathy and Sympathy. Empathy allows a Healer to mirror, sense, and "heal" another's energy. Sympathy, through judgement, facilitates attachment of such mirrored energy. The result is Healers acquiring wounds from people they intend to heal. Not ideal for sure!

Healers are here simply because Healers need to heal as well. The inner calling to heal from deep within ushers Healers into the healing path. This is an important concept to reflect. Once Healers accept this concept, the next question is how can Healers heal while they are healing. In other words, how can mutual healing take place?

Mutual healing takes place when

1. the Healer provides a judgement-free (Sympathy-Free), safe environment for the client to connect to Loving Kindness.

2. the Healer connects fully and mindfully to Loving Kindness then to the client, thus eliminate Sympathy and minimize Empathy. The remaining (~5%) of Empathy allows a Healer to have intuitive connection to the client.

3. the Healer performs her/his healing art as it comes naturally!

It takes daily mindful practice for a Healer to connect to Loving Kindness -- it's not possible nor sensible to "switch it on" at the treatment room. I use a lot cues as reminders to connect -- every time I walk through a door, whenever I touch my steering wheel!

May there be Wounded Healers No MORE!

Love Peace Harmony

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