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We are uncertain when our Heart and our Brain are not on the same page.

Let's say it feels so strongly in my Heart to quit a $150K job, go back to acupuncture school full time, earn $0 for the next 4 years, and potentially make the average $60K income afterwards.

My brain, which always tries to have my best interest in mind, of course disagree! It immediately starts to build scenarios that paint a bleak picture, of how I'll be perceived as irresponsible, risky, foolish, and borderline unstable.

The Heart may convince the Brain to come up with a few half-ass excuses to justify the calling to others, but for sure none of these goes anywhere.

It's the classic case of not achieving life's dreams at our final moments. :)

So what to do? Here's my suggestion.

1. Put it off 2 times. If the Heart's calling is real, it'd never stop!

2. At the 3rd time, submit to the Universe and trust your Heart fully!

3. Do not manufacture reasons to justify the calling. Be comfortable not knowing why, and be confident that the caller has the plan!

4. Empower ourselves further by constantly connect to Loving Kindness via a sense of Purpose! We'll be at peace knowing that we're never alone!

5. Enjoy the curiosity every opportunity brings -- everything could be a clue to what our ever changing and expanding Purpose is!

May we all follow our Hearts! The world depends on it!

Love Peace Harmony

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