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Spirituality vs. Dissociation

My teacher told me this story. Once she was walking her Golden Retriever, and the dog got a throne in her paw. The Golden walked limped at times, but always walked normally when there were other dogs around. The Golden would not allow my teacher to remove the throne until they got home.

The Golden was using dissociation to avoid showing weakness amid potential threat, and only re-associated once she reached safety. This is how normal and healthy dissociation works.

When dissociation is habitually used to disconnect from physical or emotional pain, it's no longer healthy. The long-term result might be elevation of fear and stress.

Dissociation is often misused as spirituality -- it just seems so spiritual to disconnect from physical and emotional pains.

True spirituality is fully present in the physical body, effortless flowing with emotions, and mindfully connected to Loving Kindness (true self). Such spirituality is grounded(body), joyful (emotion), and purposeful.

May we all fully present and progress in our path!

Love Peace Harmony

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