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Scars can be visible or invisible. Both need to be resolved in order for energy Channels to flow smoothly.

Visible scars are as follows:

* stitches due to surgeries like c-section, knee replacements, cancer removal, etc.

* stitches due to cuts, falls, blunt trauma, etc.

* Others due to burns, moles, wounds, animal bites, etc.

Keloid tissue in visible scars creates higher resistance for our energy Channel to pass through correctly. The effect may not be immediate, but dramatic. We advise highly that any visible scar be treated as soon as it's healed. For example, c-section or knee replacement scars should be treated within 3 months.

Invisible scars are structural, emotional, and perspective ones. They often are created along with visible scars. For example, a long-healed dog bite from age 8 might have been life-and-death for the patient, created a lifelong sense of insecurity. The Channel flow will be in persistent Sympathetic (fight/flight) which may cause chronic digestion, sleep, autoimmune, and hormonal issues.

Invisible scars may include:

* broken bones from trauma (eg. broken arm or ribs)

* displaced bones from trauma (eg. shifted tailbone, wrist, fingers, etc.)

* life/death trauma (eg. accident, violence, etc.)

* sense of injustice (eg. emotional suppression, abuse, loss of loved ones, etc.)

At Mindfully Centered, we treat everything based on Channels. Scars, both visible and invisible, create blockages for healthy Channels to flow. For visible scars, we use needles, tui na, Qi Gong, etc. to facilitate their recovery. For invisible ones, we have Loving Kindness treatments that aim to heal from within!

We look forward to sharing more about healing from all forms of scars, and to serving you!

Love Peace Harmony

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