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I start to notice a pattern of irritability, anxiety, even panic attack from patients who don't feel safe to begin with. This happens within a couple really good sessions, or after a few super upbeat days. We probably have the same experience. Why?

When we don't feel safe, GB dominates and LV stagnates. The left/right brain have an abundance of energy to risk-assess and loop. When treatments harmonize the Channel flow, LV flows to the LU and GB relaxes to the toes. Peace and Trust are coming back, then rebound happens.

Patients may become hyper-sensitive during the rebound period -- smell, touch, temperature, other people's voice, air, etc are all of sudden unbearable. Their body might have been getting better with a lot less pain, but now the body is still better but the pain has come all the way back. In fact, the patients may start to find reasons to resent us! What the heck?

Rest assured and not take this personally, my friend! We are dealing with a naturally pissed off brain!

Brain (or Ego) wants to maintain the status quo. A "the world is not safe" brain is going to do everything in its power to protect us from feeling good and in peace. "How can you sleep well and be joyful when bullets are flying?" So what do we do?

We continue to face the sun and not be bothered by the shadows. The brain has been and is just doing its job, but we are safe and ready to heal now. Let's continue our conviction to our Purpose and our connection to Loving Kindness, and allow our Heart to be the emperor again!

So I'm normally quite excited when my patients begin to doubt the healing process. It truly just means it's working! :)

Love Peace Harmony

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