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Passing Down the Bottle No More!

It's well known that abused children tend to grow up being abusive. This is a vicious cycle that NEEDS to be broken. I'd like to share my view on this topic from a Channels standpoint.

Abused children often achieve amazing level of Empathy which is the ability to mirror others' physical and emotional states, and Dissociation in order to be numb to being abused. Why? My observation is survival.

Imagine for a moment a 3-year-old in an abusive environment. The moment someone walks in, the child NEEDS to (1) know as precisely as possible the physical and emotional states of that person in order to act to not get hurt or, once knowing the abuse is coming, to (2) feel no pain. It's Empathy that address (1), and Dissociation for (2). From a Channel standpoint, Empathy results in the child mirroring his/her Channels precisely like the abuser, and Dissociation allows the child to be outside of his/her body to be as disengaged as possible. In order to survive, Empathy and Dissociation are the best tools!

The repetitive mirroring results in the morphing of the child's Channels and Perspectives to be like the abuser's. Dissociation prevents true healing -- since any healing work requires the person to be present in his/her body NOW!

At Mindfully Centered, we recognize the power of Empathy and Dissociation, and see them as neither good nor bad. Often abused children, once have their violated boundaries restored, become tremendous Healers.

Let's all turn our Sufferings into Gifts so we can heal within and heal without!

Love Peace Harmony

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