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Love Your Enemies

It has become clear to me, through many clinic sessions, that "Love Your Enemies" is the only pathway to true healing. Why?

Before I present my $0.02, I'd like to tell this story.

A powerful warrior King, who defended his kingdom countless time, finally realized, "The only way to defend my kingdom is to ensure all kingdoms' boundaries are safe and sound!" With that realization, the warrior King builds all kingdoms' boundaries for the benefit of his own kingdom. In other words, for him to Love his kingdom, he'd need to Love all other kingdoms!

Thus in order for us to heal our broken or violated boundaries, we'd need to restore our violators' boundaries as well. And the way to do that is connect to Loving Kindness for our own boundary restoration, and connect via Loving Kindness to our "enemies'" inner core of goodness with full intention to heal, and not to blame or hate. Such connection empowers us and our "enemies" to mutually heal!

May we all mindfully connect to Loving Kindness, and through Loving Kindness heal all broken boundaries!

Love Peace Harmony

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