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Live & Heal in Loving Kindness

Volumes of books exist to further our understanding of Compassion. I'd like to share how I practice it for self cultivation, and treatment of various Perspective issues like depression and anxiety.

The true power of Compassion is persistent and constant connection. This is documented in all religions and spiritual practices -- both West and East. But HOW?

Four easy steps:

1. Have a mindful intention to connect to Loving Kindness (or God's Love, etc.)

2. Have an unwavering belief that "I have a Purpose". The Purpose needs not be known. In fact, it's ever changing which makes every NOW moment worth living!

3. Connect to others through the cloud of Loving Kindness.

4. Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3.

It's really that easy. Try it. You'll feel the tingling sensation in your mid-brain, and instant peace and harmony. Why?

When we are fearful, or lacking full trust of a higher energy and our existence, our left and right brain dominate. The effect is a never ending monologue of right and wrong.

When we are mindfully centered in Loving Kindness, energy flows easily along the mid-brain (or REN/DU Channels in Chinese medicine). This is the very goal of all meditation and spiritual practices -- thus the unmistakable sensation of Peace and Harmony!

Loving Kindness is spaceless, timeless. Thus we can connect to anyone past, present, and future. Many effective clinical cases were achieved through the Loving Kindness connection to lost loved ones.

We don't need set aside time to connect to Loving Kindness. We can do it any time with mindfulness!

Love Peace Harmony

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