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Last night we had a near full-house in our Channel-Based Scar Treatment Workshop. During the workshop we talked about practicing to be Sympathy-Free, Empathy-Minimum, and Compassion-Max. We talked about doing everything for ourselves but never be selfish. We talked about being a Lighthouse, and passing on the Light so people who are ready can be Lighthouse, too!

I've seen transformation from patients with varying degrees of challenges -- some physical, most emotional and perspective. Many have gone through traditional western/eastern health-care systems, retreats and counseling sessions. Our small team have seen first hand what Channels Treatment can do for our patients and ourselves. We know Mutual Healing is not a pipe dream. We know Channel Treatment can be learned, practiced, and established anywhere!

We'll keep doing our work, and continue to invite LACs and all health professionals to learn and practice Channels Treatment. Together let's restore ALL Channels for a peaceful and healing world!

Love Peace Harmony

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