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I don't know

"I don't know" changed my life!

I don't know what my life purpose is. I don't know why I'm writing this. I don't know how to treat the next person I'm going see. I didn't know why I went back to school 4 years ago, and now just got my California Acupuncturist License.

I don't know all the aspects, depth, and impact -- so I don't know!

Haven't we all felt callings to make change and go certain direction? The callings that are so vivid, intuitive, and strong?

Only such callings are in general delayed, ignored, or killed after all the efforts of answering "Why, What, How?". Too often we manufacture reasons to justify our calling, only to get shot down by others. This is not others' fault that our manufactured reasons are lame. These reasons are lame because we really don't exactly know why we are called!

When we have a strong sense of Purpose and a mindful connection to Loving Kindness, we don't need to know. We'll just have this sense of Peace and Harmony that we all are well supported to fulfill our immediate Purpose -- no matter what it may be. Such sense allows us to be mindfully centered, and removes the incessant need to "know". Thus we can be present on a moment-by-moment basis without judgement or fear.

So the statement "I don't know" can be spoken sheepishly, or confidently with profound trust in the Universe. Would you give it a try?

Love Peace Harmony

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20 mag 2019

It is such a relief to say I don’t know! The culture where I originally came from encourages and highly expects standard answers. I was well trained to answer all sort of questions. Now I am learning to let the inner voice flow out! Thanks for sharing!

Mi piace
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