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How We Connect Matters!

There are 3 basic ways one can connect to others as in the diagram:

(1) Sympathy

(2) Empathy

(3) Compassion

Energy always goes both ways when we connect as shown in the bi-directional arrows. Thus how we connect matters mutually.

Sympathy is judgement. When we sympathizing someone or ourselves, we point out a victim. A victim is not empowered. The energy from a victim comes from righteous anger which over-time depletes a person.

Empathy is mirroring. It's like someone holding a lit candle wanders into a cave full of people with candles but no light. Instead of asking for permission to light their candles, the person blows out her candle just to be like all the others.

The combination of Empathy and Sympathy are frequently seen in intuitive Healers, which eventually creates Wounded Healers.

We can also connect via Loving Kindness or Compassion, through an unwavering sense that we all have our Purpose! Loving Kindness filters all energies passing through, thus free us to care and love deeply without consideration of getting ill effects. This is in the realm of Unconditional Love!

Love Peace Harmony

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