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How's Your Big Toe?

Or any toe for that matter!

I've seen 8 patients in a row who had toe issues. They came in with symptoms like insomnia, bloating and digestion problems, back pain, knee popping or pain, pelvic imbalance, rigidity, headache, fear and anxiety, etc.


When a toe is hurt but we still need to walk, the body is doing its very best to keep the pain away. For example, when a big toe is jammed and walking, the toe is lifted slightly towards the 2nd toe, and the foot lands more on the little toe side. This is all fine for a short healing and recovery time, say a week or two, but becomes a huge problem in a decade or two.

Self Diagnosis:

A toe might have an injury when:

1. Visually if any toe is lifted above any others

2. If there's sharp pain when pressing the base of a toe and mobilizing it

3. If you can't wiggle a toe like the others

4. One foot is stiffer than the other


1. Find pain points at the base of a toe and mobilize it

2. Massage to ensure the spacing below the web of toes are open and flexible

3. Find someone who's good and gentle with toes, but no sympathy! :)

4. Play with your toes often. They work hard and deserve all the Loving Kindness from you!

Love Peace Harmony

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