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Hold Our Buckets

Six packs are sexy, slim cores look nice but, health-wise, we need to hold our Buckets well.

The sides of our buckets are just the cores. They may be firm like rocks, or soft like jellos. Cores matter but unless there're solid bottoms, our buckets leak and don't hold water.

The bottom of our buckets is our perineum. When we mindfully uphold it ever so slightly, we start to have a good bucket to house our innards, for our chest on up to situate with relaxation, and to almost effortlessly assert force and move our body.

Try the following and feel the power of our perineum!

Push a wall with both hands. Push it really hard. Do you feel your shoulder tighten up and breathing almost stop? Push even harder. Stressful, isn't it?

Now connect your hands to your wrists, elbows, waist, and then the perineum. Gradually feel that wall is being pushed DIRECTLY from your perineum. Every joint in between is just a link. Relax your shoulders even more and drop your elbows just a bit. How does it feel now? Any difference?

Practice this a few times and experience. Then uphold you bucket constantly during waking hours for two weeks on everything you do -- walking, sitting, pushing open doors, texting. All graceful dancers and martial artists engage their perineum. Would you please, too?

Love Peace Harmony

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