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Healing Circle

Too often like-minded or similarly-experienced people get together in a circle to heal, with little or even worse results. Why?

Two reasons come to mind. One is the connection, the other the participants.

When the connection is to one another, we are merely connecting to collective past traumatic wounds. It may momentarily give all participants the sense of "belonging" and give rise to false power of "righteous anger", but it does nothing to true healing. In MCA term, we are simply deepening Empathy and Sympathy towards ourselves and others.

A different type of connection is Loving Kindness -- each of us is connecting to Loving Kindness, and through Loving Kindness connecting to one another. In Loving Kindness there's no right nor wrong, victim or abuser, just healing! This is especially powerful when we activate our Heart, allow it to expand to be filled with Peace and Joy. This way our inner core of Loving Kindness is connecting to the Universe, and to all in the circle.

Once all in the circle are connecting to Loving Kindness, and feel the Heart expansion which heals our boundaries, it's time to invite more participants energetically. Invite gradually the people who hurt us. Once they are in the circle energetically, connect the their core of Loving Kindness through, you guess it, Loving Kindness. We could be very hesitant and agitated in the beginning with their presence (even just energetically). Again allow our Hearts to expand to regain the sense of Peace and Joy!

Haven't we all tried to forgive and forget? Shall we give Loving Kindness a try?

Love Peace Harmony

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