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Free Monday Morning Clinic: Channel-Based Scar Treatment

Starting on Monday, 8/12/2019, a group of volunteers will be offering free Channel-Based Scar Treatment. It'd be every Monday morning from 9am to noon to treat up to 10 people. We intend to run the free clinic for at least one year.

Below is a list of scars we'd like to treat. It does not matter if the scars are 6 months- or 60 years-old.

* Knee/hip replacement, ankle injuries, burns, C-section, head trauma, major cuts, Gall Bladder removal, Mastectomy, Melanoma scars, dog bites, stepping on nail, major road rash, liposuction, heart surgery, implants, etc.

Some of the symptoms might be:

* high blood pressure, insomnia, digestion issues, heart palpitation, low energy, depression, anxiety, edema, pain, headache, posture deterioration, etc.

Takes about 1-3 treatment sessions to resolve scar issues. Each session is about an hour. It'll be community open-style with some privacy curtains. Registration is required with the following steps:

1. Go to

2. Click on Free Scar Treatment button

3. Read the entire page if you'd like, then click on Book Free Scar Treatment button

4. Complete the registration at our Setmore scheduling site

Please come in if you have scars, or spread the words to your friends and loved ones. Together let's resolve existing and potential pain and suffering from physical scars.

Love Peace Harmony

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