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Flow Like Water

I had this interesting Q&A exchange with my patient yesterday -- in the middle of a Tui Na movement for her shoulder pain.

Q. How did you learn this move?

A. I kind of made it up.

Q. How many times have you used this move?

A. The very first time.

Q. What?

I went on to explain that I came up with new moves almost every time for every patient. I have a sound approach based on Channels and Sympathy-Free communication with my patients. Since everyone in every session is different, it makes sense that new movements just flow out in every treatment.

She asked if I could remember the moves. I said I tried but felt awkward to repeat a movement mechanically. She laughed and said no wonder -- I was making progress for her pain after 2 years and 7 physical therapists.

As I drove home under a full moon, I couldn't stop thinking and thanking my Wing Chun SiGung Alson. He told me long ago Wing Chun had no form -- we flow like water and make it up as we go!

Love Peace Harmony

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