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Fine Tune our Anger

Anger arises anytime our sense of personal boundary is violated. It covers a range from the slightest irritation to full on rage. The entire range is essential to protecting ours and others' boundaries.

We live in a world where anger is seen and taught as negative, but anger is rampant. Anger is certainly not negative, and gets higher and louder the more we suppress it.

Anger is never to be eliminated or suppressed -- the result would be a person with no boundary. Such a person will be the "nicest" person at times, and most volatile with righteous anger when triggered.

Instead, when Anger is honored and respected with the goal of mutual boundary building, we'd all feel safe with Peace and Harmony. Imagine we are driving in our lane, and the next car comes in a bit. We can just smoothly change, restore our mutual boundary, thank and honor our Anger for alerting and getting us out of potential trouble, and continue to drive and arrive safely.

None of that cursing, finger pointing, how-dare-you-come-into-my-space ego-based anger business. They only further weaken and break our own boundary, while at the same time endanger all others'.

Anger is also the key ingredient in Courage and Hatred. Courage protects and builds boundaries, while Hatred attacks and destroys. The choice truly is ours.

Let's fine tune our Anger -- perhaps start simply with mindful driving!

Love Peace Harmony

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