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CBD Side-Effect?

I have a few patients taking CBD for relaxation, sleep, and pain. And at least two of them are having tremendous anxiety after about 4 weeks. Why?

One explanation is as follows:

1. the person has been in chronic fight-and-flight mode prior to CBD due to a mindset that the world is not safe, and relaxation implies dropping one's guard to potential danger.

2. the person takes the CBD which results in profound relaxation

3. the brain goes "What the hack? Don't you know we need to be vigilant all the time?"

4. the brain ups the stress hormone to raise higher the fight-and-flight mode

5. abnormally high anxiety even panic attack ensues!

Once the stress hormone is high, it's gonna take perhaps a few weeks to taper off. In the mean time, what can a person do?

Well, let's see if we could get to the root of the problem!

1. Why is this person in chronic and constant fight-and-flight? Is there a perspective that the world is not safe, and/or unresolved emotional/physical trauma?

2. What can be done to bring a sense of safety, trust, and Love back, so chronic fight-and-flight mode can be turned off?

Turning off chronic fight-and-flight can be simple or quite complex. But the key is not to resort automatically to CBD, but to follow the fear until the root cause is resolved.

Love Peace Harmony

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