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Bridge Past to Present

Using Channel-based, Mindfully Centered Approach, I treat patients daily with physical, emotional, and perspective issues. How?

First, all traumas and all the trapped emotions are in the past. Trapped past emotions won't flow as long as we are not present.

Thus the key for trapped emotions to flow is to be at the present and the past at the SAME time! What? Can that be done?

I use pain to ground a person at the Present, and to feel safe. The acceptance of pain is the indication that a person is present and safe. I often press and pull on the web in between the left 3rd and 4th fingers. When pressing just right and for long enough, a person calms down to be present, and past emotions may start to flow.

Many times a client would recount a past emotional event while feeling OK with the pain. Many times the client would stop in mid-sentence and couldn't go on anymore. The trapped emotions flow from past to present, and the trauma becomes an experience rather than a continuous source of suffering. Often times such experience becomes the stepping stone for a client to move confidently into the future.

I use very simple, yet effective techniques. Pain is inevitable and needs to be honored. Suffering is optional and can be dissolved!

Love Peace Harmony

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