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A Dog Named Noble

My daily moment-to-moment practice is to have a sense of Purpose and connection to Loving Kindness. Many have asked me what their Purpose should be. Some even asked very specifically, "At my age and health condition, what Purpose can I possibly have?"

Or we can be more to the point, "What's my Purpose as I let go my final breath?"

A good friend had a dog named Noble. Every time I'd go to their house, Noble would insist a good massage from me first. Three weeks ago my friend informed me that Noble went into the pet hospital, and was having a difficult time. I told her I'd like to see Noble that day.

I arrived at the pet hospital around noon, the same time as my friend's whole family. I got to see Noble, sitting right in front, putting my hands on his spine, all the while when he was having rhythmic seizures. I connected to Noble from my Purpose through Loving Kindness to his for a few minutes. Then I turned to my friend without thinking, "Noble is ready to go.". She nodded in agreement. I got up, and she sat down cradling Noble's head.

As I walked towards the door, the experienced vet had already gotten injections ready on the stainless steel table. I thanked him as we exchanged a heart-felt hug.

Shortly after I learned that Noble died in my friend's lap. Noble did not need the injection on the cold steel table. He went with Peace and Harmony.

The vet later told my friend in utter astonishment that, in his decades of being a vet, something he'd never experienced. He said all the animals in the pet hospital, at the moment of Noble's passing, went absolutely quiet!

Yes, there can be tremendous Purpose as we exhale our last breath. We can share our unwavering sense of Peace and Harmony with all beings around us!

Love Peace Harmony

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