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I often ask my patients point blank, "Do you feel safe?"

Some answered "No, I don't.", some "I think so". Occasionally I'd get, "Life is not safe!". Today I got a response, "I feel safe when I shut down!". Her PC1 was beyond painful!

I don't really have a clear purpose of that question, but the answer gives me another piece of information. Quite often the answer leads to further unfolding of past trauma or secrets -- things locked up in the heart as if it's the West Wing in Beauty and Beast.

When I feel the patient is ready, I'd ask her/him to do the REN1->Purpose->Loving Kindness connection, and allow Loving Kindness to permeate and fill the West Wing. This normally results in varying degrees of emotional flow, then a huge sigh of relief.

It's judgment that makes a person unsafe, as if living in a jail of one's own mind. Connection to Loving Kindness quiets down the risk-assessing, judgmental brain.

May we ALL feel safe!

Love Peace Harmony

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